How many pages is 1500 words

May 22, 2020


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Different handwriting, different formats, but the same question. No need to say that many factors play their role in how many pages is 1500 words. But here we’ll give the clearest answer possible.

Converting symbols to simple numbers

đź’»Microsoft Word

In a typed version, 6 pages of 1500 words are what you need to expect. It’s your case if you type with the double-spaced lines, 12pt font, and normal margins. If you use 1-spaced lines, you’ll make 3 pages, half of the previous size. With 1.5-space you will get 4.5 sheets, and that’s one-and-half accordingly.

đź“„A4/list paper

Sometimes your assignment requires to grab a sheet. In this case, everything depends on the ruled paper interval and your handwriting. In fact, you will get the same 6 pages double-spaced and so on, but that’s only the base. You will need less paper with small letters, and more with large ones. Always pick sheets in advance, because you never know what you’ll get.


There it depends only on your writing style. If you can put 50 words on one sheet, divide 1500 on it and get 30 pages. If you can fit 150 words, it won’t be a problem to place the same essay on 10 pages.

Measuring in Word by your own

It seems that typed papers are more predictable in their size. Thus, you can measure easily how many sheets you’re going to use. On average, one page contains 250 words. One-space gathers the text, so you’ll get 500 words. With 1.5 space, take 450 items as a rule.

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