How many pages is 3000 words

May 22, 2020

The amount of symbols itself doesn’t tell us anything. When it comes to essays, people are more accustomed to counting their size and complexity by sheets. Let’s determine how many pages is 3000 words to get an idea of what should we expect.

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Estimating typed and written essays

Most of the texts are written in Microsoft Word or similar programs. There we should begin.

⌨️ Typed

You’ll have 12 pages double-spaced, using general 12pt font and 1” margins. In case you need 1.5 linings, your essay will lift a bit and take 9 pages. With one-space, expect 6 sheets. Bigger or smaller font, different margins, and the text distribution method will affect the final result.

You can calculate the essay size by yourself. One standard double-spaced page capacity is 250 words. Divide 3000 words on 250 and get the number of sheets.


The situation does not quite change with handwritten essays. Use previous numbers depending on your lined paper interval. But don’t neglect your writing style, since if words are wider or tougher than normal, you’ll need more or fewer sheets respectively.

Why should we count with 250 words?

Of course, the measuring is approximate. You can fit 300 ones and even more, but an uncertain baseline would cause more troubles than help. We prefer 250 words because essays usually contain headlines, paragraphs, and lists, which reduce the size per page. Even if you split the text rarely, this rule won’t make you any problems, since you’ll just need fewer sheets than expected.

Let’s sum up the article for 3000 words:

📌12 pages if double-spaced essay.
📌6 pages if one-spaced essay.
📌9 pages if 1.5-spaced text.
📌Take into account your handwriting style.

Now you have everything to prepare for the writing. Focus on the task and have the essay done in terms!

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