How Long Is 500 Words In A College Essay?

May 22, 2020

Writing an essay in college is quite difficult. If you turn in your paper for grading without properly formatting it, your instructor will reject it. Lecturers will often tell you to write an essay with a specific number of pages and a given style of formatting. Without understanding the core tenets of academic writing, this experience will cause you some headaches.

Amidst the challenges of adhering to specific word counts and formatting styles in college essays, many students find themselves in need of assignment help. This need often arises from a lack of familiarity with the academic writing conventions or the struggle to express complex ideas concisely within a limited word count. Seeking assistance, be it through tutoring, writing centers, or online resources, can be a wise step for students who wish to improve their writing skills. Such assignment help not only guides students in structuring their essays effectively but also helps them understand how to communicate their ideas clearly and concisisely. Moreover, it empowers students to develop their writing proficiency, ensuring they can meet academic standards without compromising the depth and integrity of their work.

The number of words in an essay can give you an understanding of what the lecturer wants you to explore. There are ways you can make sure to get your point across in such an essay. Here they are:

Get straight to the point

Whenever you see a “write a 500-word essay”, it signifies that the paper should provide a concise explanation of the subject matter. The professors want a quick breakdown of the topic at hand. You do not have any room to perambulate without getting the point across.

Confirm the formatting style

The two most common writing styles for college essays are APA and MLA. The word count per page in APA is 275, while MLA is 300 (double spaced with 12-pt font). So, you should make sure that the paper does not exceed two pages. Also, it is vital to note that the Title Page and the Reference page are not part of the overall word count.

Structure your paper

Your paper should have a definite structure to maintain a seamless flow of ideas from start to finish. Try to stick to this structure in your 500-word essays.

📌Title – a clear sentence that explains the main point of the paper
📌Introduction – this paragraph discusses the main idea that the student discusses in the paper
📌Body – the body should have 3 ‘properly developed’ paragraphs which describe the 
📌Conclusion – this section should finalize the point of the paper without introducing new ideas.

Also, it would be a great idea to use linking words to establish a connection between different paragraphs.

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