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The times when there were a few writing services online are long gone. Today, thousands of writing companies are offering students their services. In this abundance of a proposition, an average student can easily get lost. It is hard to distinguish between trustworthy and reliable services and those who offer scam services and are only pretending to be serious and legal entities providing academic assistance to students overloaded with writing assignments.

Even if you set aside some time and make a significant effort to study the current marketplace of writing services, there is no guarantee that your choice will not be inadequate next month (or the next year) and that there won’t be a better choice available. This is the most challenging part – every week and every month, the amount of new players in this market overwhelms. The market composition is changing so fast that it becomes impossible for a single student to constantly be aware of all the changes and stay alert for the best offers.

This is where professional review agencies come into play. They have the capacity and expertise to constantly monitor the custom local writing services and show you and other clients the best options for the time being.

Your quest for professional writing services near me can be over, at least for now and for the nearest 12 months – on all expert tests and reviews, 99Papers has consistently scored the highest throughout 2021. This is the new and current market leader with the potential to stay in this role in the next 2022 year. Reviews by our experts have shown that this service has increased its customer base by 80%, up to 900,000 orders placed by the last quarter of 2021.

Below are the main drivers of 99Papers’ success, which explain why so many customers choose this service over the rest.


99Papers has excellent results in all major success measures, such as delivery speed, pricing policy, customer personal information handling, writing quality, money-back policy, and others. However, there is constantly something more about their service, as if they always manage to exceed your expectations and deliver something extra. Perhaps, this same focus on perfection and the ability to go the extra mile makes all the difference between this service and thousands of others.


The next time you search for a writing service near me with excellent delivery speed, keep in mind that such a service already exists. 99Papers outperforms its rivals on this parameter by a mile – the shortest delivery time they offer is a mere 3 hours! Even their standard delivery time positively differs from the competition – instead of offering two business weeks, or 10 days, they make 7 business days as their default delivery time.


Those are the two key characteristics that describe 99Papers' pricing policy. In fact, their standard rate starts at just 9.95 USD per page. For the new customers, they offer excellent first-order discounts of 20%, and if this is not enough – there is a system of progressive discounts in place so that loyalty gets generously rewarded. For especially complex orders, one can negotiate the total price in each case – a great sign of a flexible and individual approach to each client.


Clients can feel 100% secure about their personal information, including financial transactions and communication with the company’s representatives. Indeed, both support personnel and expert writers are highly trained in providing the utmost security and anonymity guarantees to their clients. They will never under any circumstances disclose information about their clients to any third parties and always keep all clients' correspondence security encrypted and protected.


By becoming a customer of 99Papers, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- Your tasks will be handled by some of the most experienced and highly-rated writers. Only the top 5% of all writers are employed here. In fact, the company takes pride in its writer hiring and assessment process, which rules out the slightest chance of poor writing quality or plagiarism;

- Totally unique and original content, as plagiarism is strongly forbidden at this service. As a client, you can request a free-of-charge plagiarism report at any time and any phase of your order execution (even a week after it has been delivered).

- Some of the best-in-class money-back track records. If all the other writing agencies make even a partial refund next to impossible, here you can always count on up to a full refund.

- A much better than other writing companies near me customer support service. Every 2nd client in their feedback has indicated outstanding customer support as a key benefit of this service. The support staff is available anytime and can be easily reached over the phone (which is always very important).


The next time you start searching for professional writers near me, keep in mind that for the time being, there is nothing better than 99Papers. They have raised the custom writing quality bar so high that other services are struggling to match. Their unique competitive advantage and true strength lie in the ability to outperform the competition on all key parameters, plus they always offer something extra, be it a customer attitude or a money-back policy.