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Fake 99papers Reviews

Find Out How To Detect Them

Fake 99papers Reviews

Fake 99papers reviews - How Not to Get Fooled

Over time, we’ve noticed that some dishonest competitors are publishing fake 99Papers reviews on their websites or even fake articles on somebody else's websites, mentioning 99Papers in a negative aspect. This article will help you learn the techniques used by such companies to trick their readers into consuming false statements and fake news.

Fake reviews or fraudulent reviews can be a major threat to the integrity of any company. Many people tend to believe the company's opinion without going as far as confirming the trustworthiness of the source or digging in deeper into the actual matter. As a result, a lot of companies are working very hard to fight such fake reviews, since they are a part of “black PR” campaigns of their competitors.

Furthermore, some companies may also use fake testimonials or user reviews as another means of damaging their competitor’s reputation. These companies make use of these fake (and most usually negative) reviews to divert users from the websites of their competitors by seeding distrust and outright lies.

Therefore, in order not to fall victim, one should only trust review companies with an honest and well-established customer review verification policy. We aim at providing you with some important hints to be able to distinguish fake 99Papers reviews on the internet.

Here are some of the obvious red flags:

Most 99Papers fake review websites have only a handful of comments from the customers, usually coming with a 1 or 2-star rating.

These websites filter out or simply delete positive reviews to focus on the negative ones.

They recommend a selection of their own websites, with ratings ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars.

One can sometimes spot a lot of reviews done by the same person, or vice versa - one person only made one review or rated our service negatively and had no activity afterwards whatsoever.

In fact, those who doubt that such dishonest competition exists, may try to post reviews of 99Papers themselves and see what happens. One may only discover that they won't be able to post any review on these sites, since they are fake from inside out.


To legitimize their deception, these review websites often start with just a few positive comments about 99Papers. This is designed to make potential customers believe that they have no ill intentions towards our Company. However, after the first few paragraphs the negativity of their “observations and experiences'' grows exponentially, resulting in “I would not use this service” as a summary. The same goes for the fake customer reviews. Here are some of the websites that engage in creating these bogus reviews:


This review site is home to a lot of fake comments from alleged “customers”. Obviously, these comments are not real, and here are the reasons why:

Outdated reviews. The screenshots of our website are from older versions design, which is no longer relevant to what we offer today.

Despite the seemingly more or less adequate balance between positive and negative comments and feedback (still, most usually around 3 stars or so), they still aggressively advertise their own websites in the process.


This company is owned by a direct competitor. This so-called “review website” uses fake reviews of 99Papers. Simply put, they follow the “fake news” blueprint from Scamfighter.

Reviews are outdated. Screenshots are outdated. Weird language is used.

Their reviews are arranged in a way to show only the worst comments from fabricated client profiles.

Reviews are filled with ambiguous language. Statements like "We contacted an agent and they didn’t say much" are vague and open to interpretation in any way possible. But even then, they will use it in the most negative way to “add some drama” and fool a potential customer.


Fake reviews are quite real in any industry. Mostly known as “black PR”, they are a part of the dirty tricks which these companies employ to damage their competitors and steal potential customers. No one needs to fall victim to these dishonest manipulations. Always make sure to confirm your findings with a reliable source like Sitejabber, for example, before making your decision. Hope this article helps you be better prepared!