What are the different ways to concentrate?

Jul 20, 2020


The human mind has a limited attention span. With the advent of technological advances like smartphones, people pay even less attention to one subject before shifting their focus to something else. 

Check out this scenario: you are working on an important task, and all of a sudden, you hear the notification sound on your smartphone. Now, your attention is split between checking your Facebook/Instagram feed and the task at hand, limiting your productivity. 

If you want to get rid of distractions that divert your attention from work, some of the hacks below will help you out 👇

🧘 Get in the zone

Before you commence any task, ensure that the workspace contains everything you need. Make sure that the internet is working properly. Adjust the thermostat in the room to maximize your comfort. It is also important to take a few minutes to visualize the project strategies and goals before you start writing.

🧘‍♂️ Turn off notifications

According to TechCrunch, the ‘ping’ sound signifying a new notification is similar to a distress signal to the human brain. This sound creates a sense of urgency, which ultimately distracts us from whatever we are doing until we attend to the new notification. So, it is always advisable to turn on airplane mode or activate the silent mode on your mobile devices when you need to concentrate. 

🧘 Turn on the music

While some people prefer working in completely silent environments, others prefer background music. The key is to choose a playlist that won’t irritate you or make you stop your work to skip the song. Also, classical music can improve productivity because it puts you in a relaxed state. It also boosts your cognitive task performance.

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🧘‍♂️ Use concentration apps

Some apps are specialized for improving concentration levels by helping you zone in on the task on which you’re working. These apps help you track time, and tune out notifications from other apps on your workstation and devices.

🧘 Delayed gratification

This technique involves a little bit of self-discipline to achieve. Set pleasurable goals (like watching Netflix shows) at the end of any task. By resisting the temptation to break the work cycle, you will focus more on completing the task in time to watch the show.

🧘‍♂️ Take scheduled breaks

Don’t think that working on your desk all day will help you focus more. On the contrary, it will only lead you down the path of accumulated fatigue. Spread out your projects into small tasks and take short breaks upon the completion of each task. This hack will help you break the monotonous cycle of boring work. During these breaks, you can check your notifications and reply to the messages.

🧘 Get enough sleep

Pulling all-nighters is never a good idea because it cuts into the amount of time allocated to your tasks. Moreover, your interrupted sleep cycle will take its toll on your body, making it difficult to focus squarely on your project.

Ultimately, these techniques will help you concentrate better on tasks and eliminate distractions. Develop a habit of putting away your devices when working on important projects. Consider taking breaks when working on highly demanding tasks. Introduce music to help break the monotony of the process. Put in a little effort to sharpen your focus on tasks!


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