Top 5 Effective Essay Hacks From Real Pros

Aug 3, 2020


How many essays do you have to write each semester? Every student is constantly faced with writing an essay. And sometimes, this process is difficult. We all know that feeling of helplessness when you have an essay you cannot crack. That feeling that makes you think, “I am definitely in trouble”.

Therefore, we have compiled a top-5 list of the best hacks from professional writers that will help you write like a pro.

Don’t procrastinate.

The worst trick the mind plays on students is to convince them that essays can be completed by pulling all-nighters. While this might work for simple essays, you will definitely struggle with complicated tasks. 

Make a habit of starting your essay on time. Split the tasks evenly within the deadline to give you time to research and complete the paper thoroughly.

Keep the tone active, not passive.

As a rule of thumb, always use the active voice when writing your essay, even when the professor allows passive voice. Texts written in passive voice are often challenging to comprehend, while the active voice gives the composition more clarity.

Take a look at an idea expressed in the active and passive voice to see which of them is easier to comprehend.

Active voice: “I fought the bear.”
Passive voice: “The bear was fought by me.”

Keep it simple

Don’t let the urge to impress your lecturer with ‘big words’ diminish your paper’s integrity. Use simple expressions to explain every idea in your essay. You can stick to relevant terminology when explaining concepts related to the discipline.

Imagine using a fancy word, just for the professor to highlight it in your paper as ‘wrong.’ Save yourself this heartache; keep it simple and precise.

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Follow the instructions

Do you know that voice advising you to ’add your spin’ to the essay? Get rid of that voice right away. 

Essay instructions are there for various reasons, and failure to adhere to them will attract penalties.

Stick to the formatting style specified in the instructions. Try as much as possible to keep the paper within 5% of the word count (excluding the title and reference pages).

Also, if the professor specifies the sources to use, limit your research to those sources.

Beware of the source

Not every source of information you find online is credible. You can always reach out to your professor to confirm the proposed reading materials you are consulting. 

Another effective way of finding sources is by using Wikipedia sources. Always scroll to the references at the bottom and visit the links to evaluate the information yourself.

Remember to use only academic sources published within a five-year window.

Master these writing hacks to help you come up with the best essays that will impress your professor. Start working on the paper early to give yourself enough breathing space. And remember to keep it simple!


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