How Many Pages Is 750 Words When Writing An Essay

May 22, 2020

College essays fall under the category of academic essays, which means that they should follow a given format. A lot of factors go into determining how many words can go into a page. Sometimes, the professor will specify the parameters of the essay. Most of the time, they will only provide the number of words and the formatting style to use in the paper. The entirety of your research and a rough draft of your ideas should follow these principles.

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As a college student, you will need to pay attention to the fine details when you are working on your paper. The style of formatting used in the essay is key to the number of pages when writing a 750-word essay.

The Necessity of Formatting Styles

If there are no specific instructions, you can use any option you prefer between MLA and APA. There are lots of differences and similarities between these common styles. Here they are:


✅1-inch margins on all sides of the paper
✅12-point font size. Legible font family (e.g., Arial and Times New Roman
✅Double spacing (lecturers will specify if they want single-spacing)


❌A page in MLA is 300 words, while a page in APA is 275 words.
❌The citations differ for both styles.
❌APA formatting needs an abstract page, whereas MLA does not.
❌APA style uses running headers, while MLA does not require one.

Consequently, the total number of pages for a 750-word essay for both formatting styles is between 2.5 and 3 pages. Also, the word count does not include pages that do not provide any information about the subject matter in the paper. These pages include the title, abstract (for APA), and Works Cited/References pages.

If you follow these guidelines, the structure of your paper will always be top-level.

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