How many pages is 2000 words

May 22, 2020


Essays take a major part in college life, and optimizing the writing process is crucial. Knowing how many pages is 2000 words could be helpful for students, measuring their time by sheets or having a handwriting task. This article will tell you an essay length in the usual cases.

How to know the size in Word?

Calculating in the program is the easiest. Firstly, check if your text settings fit standard:

📌Times New Roman/Arial in 12pt
📌normal margins

One sheet of writing with such sets is equal to 250 words. Given that, 2000 words will be around 8 pages.

Different intervals affect the total size. For example, one-space would be 4 pages, and one-and-half space will give you five. Also, depending on the thickness of your paper, you can put up to 350 vocables on one page. Anyway, for usual essays, apply the general 250 words rule.

What about handwritten works?

When writing by hand, it’s useful to have a ruled paper. It will guide your pen and aid in the computation. With the double-spaced lines, similar to intervals in Word, your two-thousand words essay will take the same 8 pages. And again, the smaller lining you have, the less space you will need.

But keep in mind some distinctions you can’t meet in the typed variant:

🖊️Vast writing will likely need more pages.
🖊️Stacked and smaller writing will need less.
🖊️Using a notebook, count words per page in your previous works, and estimate how many pages you will get with two thousand.

If you can’t find your case, then format some text with the same length and see totals. In the handwriting, we suggest picking more sheets than less. Sometimes it’s better to be prepared than confident.

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