7 Useful Tools to Help You Write Like a Pro

Jun 5, 2020


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“How can I make my articles sound interesting? What can I do to eliminate grammatical errors from my academic writing?” 

These are the questions we often ask ourselves every time we write articles or essays for publication.
If you are tired of writing mediocre texts and want to add some pizzazz to your articles, here are some writing tools to help you improve.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a useful writing tool for writing on the go. This word processor allows multiple writers to collaborate on one paper. You can access your documents from any device; and your work is saved in real-time in case of unforeseen circumstances.


If you are away from your workspace and suddenly come up with an idea for your paper, you can open Evernote and jot it down. This tool is necessary for brainstorming and generating ideas. It will help you defeat writer’s block since it is a reservoir for your ideas.


This app helps you to get in the ‘zone’ when writing. ZenPen blocks out all potential distractions to make sure that you stay locked in until the task is complete.


This application is an excellent tool for proofreading. It highlights spelling errors and provides suggestions to make your writing sound professional. The premium version of this app unlocks other tremendous capabilities to help you edit the tone of your paper according to the audience.

Hemingway App

Similar to Grammarly, this app also helps you write better by detecting spelling errors, long sentences, and ‘filler words’. You can also compose your text in the editor for real-time suggestions.


Scrivener is the perfect solution for large-volume works. This app will help you keep track of various segments of your paper. 


This website is the most popular online thesaurus. You can check the meaning and usage of words before adding them to your text. Also, you can find synonyms of words to diversify monotonous paragraphs.

Writing can be fun if you have the right tools in place. Start using these wonderful writing tools right away to save time and improve your writing! 


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