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Premium dissertation help
from expert PhD writers

Dissertation writing can take months and a lot of effort. Besides you need to make sure that the quality is top-notch. Once you place an order, we will review your specifications, requirements and find a qualified writer with actual experience in your field. You can be confident that each chapter will be polished to perfection. All of our dissertation writers hold at least a Master’s degree and are graduates from top-ranked universities such as MIT, Princeton and Brown. You can get in touch with your writer at any time, to make adjustments to your dissertation. Our main goal is to get 100% customer satisfaction.

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How much does a dissertation writer cost?

The cost of hiring a dissertation writer can vary based on factors like the dissertation’s length, complexity, and the timeframe required. For a precise quote tailored to your needs, we recommend reaching out to our support team at 99papers.

Can I pay someone to write my dissertation?

Yes, at 99papers, we have a team of experienced dissertation writers who can assist you in crafting a high-quality dissertation. Our goal is to support you through this significant academic milestone.

Do dissertation writing services work?

Absolutely! With over a million orders delivered and 100% of them delivered on time, 99papers has consistently proven the reliability and efficiency of its services, including dissertation writing.

What is a good dissertation writing service?

A good dissertation writing service prioritizes quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. 99papers is recognized for consistently delivering top-notch dissertations and being a preferred choice for numerous students across the globe.

Is 2 months enough to write a dissertation?

The feasibility of writing a dissertation in 2 months largely depends on the topic, research required, and the dissertation’s length. While it is possible under certain circumstances, it requires a well-structured plan and dedicated effort. Our writers at 99papers have accomplished this for many clients.

Can I write a dissertation in 2 weeks?

Writing a dissertation in 2 weeks is a challenging task, and the quality might be compromised due to the limited timeframe. While our writers can work within tight deadlines, we always recommend providing as much time as possible for a comprehensive and high-quality dissertation.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do. At 99papers, our commitment is to deliver quality. If our services do not meet the agreed-upon standards or guidelines, we offer a money-back guarantee. Details and conditions can be found in our terms of service.

What guarantees do you provide when using your dissertation services?

When using our services, we guarantee timely delivery, originality (free from plagiarism), confidentiality, and adherence to the specified guidelines. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our after-sales support and are always ready to assist with revisions if necessary.





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Dissertation Writing Service

99Papers is a well-established academic writing service that specializes in helping students and professionals with their academic endeavors. One of the core services offered by 99Papers is dissertation writing. Dissertations, being some of the most intricate and demanding academic tasks, require in-depth knowledge, extensive research, and exceptional writing skills. 99Papers understands the significance of dissertations in an individual’s academic and professional journey and thus offers a comprehensive suite of dissertation writing services tailored to meet varied needs.

Types of Dissertation Writing Services Offered

  • Custom Dissertation Writing: Tailored to individual requirements, this service ensures that every dissertation is unique, high-quality, and reflective of the client’s specific needs and preferences.
  • PhD Dissertation Writing: Catered specifically for those pursuing their doctorate degrees, PhD dissertation writing focuses on generating original research and profound insights in a respective field of study.
  • Online Dissertation Writing: A convenient solution for those with tight schedules or geographical constraints, online dissertation writing enables clients to collaborate with expert writers remotely, ensuring timely delivery and consistent quality.
  • Professional Dissertation Writing: This service caters to professionals who may require dissertations for advanced studies, job applications, or for publishing purposes. The emphasis is on ensuring that the document is polished, coherent, and meets industry standards.

Dissertation Paper Writing: This is a holistic service that handles all aspects of a dissertation, from the proposal to the final draft. It ensures consistent quality throughout the document and takes care of every chapter, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive final product.

Benefits of Using 99Papers for Dissertation Writing

  1. Expertise: 99Papers boasts a team of writers with advanced degrees and significant experience in various academic disciplines, ensuring that each dissertation is written with authority and precision.
  2. Quality Assurance: Every dissertation undergoes rigorous quality checks, including plagiarism checks, to ensure originality and high standards.
  3. Confidentiality: 99Papers guarantees the privacy and security of client information, ensuring that all transactions and collaborations remain confidential.
  4. Timely Delivery: Recognizing the importance of deadlines in academia, 99Papers prioritizes timely delivery without compromising on quality.
  5. Affordability: Despite offering premium services, 99Papers ensures that their pricing is competitive, offering value for money.
  6. Customer Support: 99Papers provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that clients have assistance and answers whenever they need them.
  7. Revisions: To guarantee total satisfaction, 99Papers offers revisions, ensuring that the final dissertation aligns perfectly with the client’s expectations.

In conclusion, for those seeking professional assistance with their dissertations, 99Papers offers a reliable, high-quality, and comprehensive solution. Their diverse range of services ensures that every academic and professional requirement is catered to with expertise and dedication.

Dissertation Writing Process

Embarking on the dissertation writing process is a significant undertaking. It requires thoroughness, organization, and attention to detail. The following is an outline of the critical steps involved in crafting a well-researched and well-structured dissertation:

Step 1: Proposal and Research

  • Developing a Proposal
    • Topic Selection: Begin by choosing a relevant, unique, and feasible topic that aligns with your area of study and interest.
    • Objective & Hypothesis: Clearly define the purpose of your research, what you hope to achieve, and any hypotheses or predictions.
    • Scope & Limitations: Determine the extent of your study, ensuring it’s manageable, and identify any potential limitations.
  1. Conducting Research
    • Primary Research: Depending on your methodology, this could involve experiments, surveys, interviews, or observations. Ensure ethical considerations are kept in mind.
    • Secondary Research: Delve into existing studies, reports, and articles related to your topic to gather relevant data and perspectives.
  2. Literature Review
    • Evaluate and synthesize relevant publications and studies, providing a comprehensive overview of what’s known about your topic and identifying gaps that your research aims to fill.

Step 2: Writing and Drafting

  • Writing the Introduction
      • Introduce the topic, establish its relevance, state the research question, and outline the objectives of your study.
  • Writing the Methods, Results, and Discussion Sections
      • Methods: Describe in detail the procedures and methodologies used in your research, ensuring replicability.
      • Results: Present the findings of your research, using figures, charts, and tables where necessary.
      • Discussion: Interpret and analyze the results, compare them with existing literature, and discuss their implications.
  • Drafting Figures, Tables, Appendix
    • Ensure that figures and tables are clear, labeled, and enhance the reader’s understanding of your findings.
    • The appendix should contain supplementary information, tools, or raw data that supports your dissertation but isn’t central to the main text.

Step 3: Editing and Proofreading

  • Grammar, Spelling, and Style Edits
      • Ensure the language is precise, clear, and free from grammatical or typographical errors.
  • Fixing Inconsistencies and Errors
      • Check for discrepancies in data, arguments, or references and correct them.
  • Ensuring Proper Formatting
    • Adhere to the specific style guide or format prescribed by your institution, including citation style, margins, font, etc.

Step 4: Final Review

  • Plagiarism Check
      • Ensure that your work is original and properly cited, avoiding any unintentional plagiarism.
  • Final Proofreading
      • Go through the entire document one last time to catch any overlooked mistakes or inconsistencies.
  • Checking for Compliance with Requirements
    • Ensure that your dissertation meets all the guidelines and requirements set by your institution or department.

In essence, the dissertation writing process is iterative and demands dedication, organization, and consistent effort. By following these steps diligently, one can craft a dissertation that is not only academically rigorous but also a valuable contribution to one’s field of study.

Dissertation Services Offered

Navigating the daunting terrain of dissertation writing can be overwhelming. To ensure the successful completion of such a rigorous academic endeavor, specialized services are invaluable. Here’s a breakdown of some of the critical dissertation services that can be offered to support students and professionals:

Proposal Help

  • Developing Research Questions
      • Assistance in refining and defining research questions that are precise, relevant, and researchable.
  • Creating Proposal Outline
      • Crafting a structured outline to guide the proposal’s content, ensuring all essential sections and considerations are included.
  • Writing Full Dissertation Proposal
    • Providing comprehensive support in articulating the research objectives, methodology, significance, and literature review to produce a compelling proposal ready for submission or defense.

Dissertation Editing

  • Style Editing
      • Reviewing the dissertation for consistent and appropriate tone, voice, and style, ensuring it adheres to the academic standards of writing.
  • Fixing Errors
      • Rigorous proofreading to identify and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors.
  • Improving Clarity and Flow
    • Enhancing the logical structure, coherence, and transition between sections and ideas, ensuring a smooth narrative flow.

Statistical Help

  • Data Analysis Plan Development
      • Assisting in designing a robust and appropriate plan for data collection, measurement, and analysis, in alignment with the research objectives.
  • Statistical Analysis Consultation
      • Offering expert guidance on the selection and application of statistical tests and methods, ensuring the validity of results.
  • Interpreting Results
    • Helping understand and draw meaningful conclusions from complex data outputs, ensuring insights align with the research question and objectives.

Formatting Services

  • Formatting to Style Guidelines (APA, MLA, etc)
      • Ensuring the dissertation strictly adheres to the stipulated formatting guidelines, including citation styles, heading structures, footnotes, etc.
  • Table of Contents and Bibliography
      • Crafting a clear and organized table of contents and ensuring all sources are appropriately cited and formatted in the bibliography or reference section.
  • Formatting Figures, Tables, and Appendices
    • Ensuring all visual and supplementary elements like figures, charts, tables, and appendices are presented consistently, clearly, and in line with formatting guidelines.

By availing of these specialized services, dissertation writers can ensure that their work not only meets the highest academic standards but also stands out for its clarity, coherence, and contribution to knowledge.

Dissertation Writing Rates and Delivery

Crafting a dissertation is a monumental task, often requiring months, if not years, of dedicated effort. Given its importance in the academic world, it’s crucial that when seeking professional help, one should have clear information about the cost and delivery timeframes. Below is an illustrative breakdown:


Standard Rate: Starting at $17.10 per page. This rate would cover a standard dissertation page with typical formatting (double spaced, 12-point font, etc.). It is important to clarify what the page rate includes – for instance, does it cover both writing and primary research, or just the writing?


  1. Standard Delivery: A dissertation is a complex document, and ensuring quality takes time. Depending on the length and complexity of the document, delivery in 30 days could be guaranteed for a standard rate.
  2. Express Delivery: For clients who may be working with tighter deadlines, an express delivery option could be offered at a premium rate. This would guarantee completion in a shortened time frame, such as half the standard delivery time.
  3. Staged Delivery: Given the nature of dissertations, offering staged deliveries (e.g., per chapter) might be a beneficial option for some clients. This allows for iterative feedback and ensures alignment with the client’s vision.

In conclusion, when setting rates and delivery terms, it’s essential to consider the complexity of the task, the market competition, and the value provided to the client. Transparency in pricing and clear communication about delivery expectations can go a long way in building trust with clients.

Hiring Dissertation Writers

When it comes to academic work, especially something as crucial as a dissertation, the credentials and expertise of the writer play a pivotal role. It’s crucial for students and professionals to know they’re entrusting their work to competent hands. Here’s a breakdown of the hiring attributes and guarantees when considering dissertation writers:

All Writers Have Graduate Degrees

  • Educational Credentials: Every writer in the team holds at least a graduate degree, ensuring a strong foundational understanding of academic work, research methodologies, and subject matter depth. Many might even possess Ph.D. or equivalent qualifications, making them adept at handling intricate dissertation requirements.

Writers Are Experts in Your Field

  • Specialization: Not only do the writers have advanced degrees, but they also specialize in particular fields of study. Whether you’re venturing into humanities, sciences, social sciences, or any other domain, rest assured your dissertation will be handled by someone who’s well-versed in that particular discipline.
  • Continuous Learning: To stay updated with the latest advancements, trends, and methodologies in their respective fields, writers often undergo regular training or continuous learning initiatives.

Work Directly with Your Writer

  • Personalized Experience: One of the significant advantages is the ability to work directly with the writer assigned to your dissertation. This ensures clear communication, a better understanding of expectations, and iterative feedback.
  • Collaborative Approach: Direct collaboration fosters a sense of partnership. You’re not just handing off your dissertation; you’re teaming up with an expert to bring it to fruition.

100% Confidentiality

  • Privacy Assurance: All interactions, data shared, and the dissertation content itself are held in strict confidence. No information is shared with third parties, and measures are in place to ensure data protection.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): If further assurance is needed, many services can provide or agree to NDAs to legally bind the confidentiality agreement.

Reasons to Choose 99Papers

When seeking professional dissertation writing services, it’s imperative to select a platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Here’s why 99Papers stands out as an excellent choice for academic writing needs:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
    • Track Record: A decade in the industry signifies not just longevity but also adaptability, consistency, and a proven track record of delivering satisfactory results to clients.
    • Wealth of Knowledge: Over the years, 99Papers has accumulated vast expertise in diverse academic disciplines, understanding varied institutional requirements and nuances of the academic world.
  • High-Quality Writing
      • Expert Writers: With a team of professional writers holding graduate degrees and specialists in various fields, you can rest assured that your work is in competent hands.
      • Rigorous Quality Control: Each dissertation undergoes a meticulous quality check, ensuring it aligns with the highest academic standards.
  • Plagiarism Testing
      • Original Content: 99Papers values authenticity and originality. Every piece of writing is subjected to plagiarism testing using state-of-the-art software, ensuring unique content.
      • Citation Mastery: Proper sourcing and citation are crucial in academic work. The writers at 99Papers are proficient in various citation styles, ensuring every source is appropriately credited.
  • On-time Delivery Guarantee
      • Punctuality: Recognizing the importance of deadlines in the academic world, 99Papers guarantees timely delivery of assignments, ensuring clients have ample time for reviews or revisions if needed.
      • Efficient Workflow: A streamlined workflow ensures that each dissertation goes through the necessary stages efficiently, from research to writing, editing, and final review.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
      • Round-the-Clock Assistance: Whether you have a query, need an update, or face any issues, the 24/7 customer support team is readily available to assist and ensure a smooth experience.
      • Multichannel Support: Reach out through various channels – be it phone, chat, or email, ensuring you always have a way to get in touch.
  • Discounts and Loyalty Program
    • Affordable Excellence: Beyond competitive rates, 99Papers offers attractive discounts for both new and returning clients, ensuring high-quality services remain accessible.
    • Loyalty Rewards: Regular clients can benefit from a loyalty program, earning points or credits for each order, which can be redeemed for future services.

In Summary: Choosing 99Papers means you’re opting for a platform that combines a rich legacy with modern efficiency, dedicated to quality, punctuality, and client satisfaction. With a holistic suite of services and client-centric benefits, it’s a choice that brings peace of mind along with academic excellence.


Summary of Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation writing, undoubtedly one of the most demanding tasks in academia, requires a combination of in-depth research, structured writing, precise editing, and rigorous proofreading. The process is extensive, starting from the formulation of a research proposal, gathering and analyzing data, writing multiple drafts, and finally reaching a polished version that stands up to academic scrutiny. Alongside these steps, the need for precise formatting, compliance with citation guidelines, and ensuring originality further complicate the process. It’s precisely this complexity that makes seeking professional dissertation writing services so valuable for many students and researchers.

Reiterate Benefits of 99Papers

99Papers, with its decade-long experience in the industry, stands as a beacon of reliability in this domain. The platform’s commitment to high-quality writing is evident in its meticulous hiring process, ensuring that every writer not only holds a graduate degree but is also a specialist in a particular field of study. Moreover, the emphasis on delivering plagiarism-free content, underscored by rigorous plagiarism checks, ensures the originality and authenticity of every piece of work.

But beyond the writing itself, 99Papers truly shines in its dedication to the client experience. The guarantee of on-time delivery, even for complex and lengthy dissertations, speaks volumes about the platform’s efficiency. The round-the-clock customer support ensures that every query, concern, or feedback is addressed promptly. And the platform’s transparent pricing model, complemented by discounts and a loyalty program, ensures that quality service remains accessible to all.

In essence, choosing 99Papers is not just about getting assistance with dissertation writing; it’s about partnering with a seasoned player in the academic service industry, one that understands the intricacies of dissertation work and is committed to facilitating academic excellence. The platform embodies the perfect blend of quality, reliability, and client-centricity, making it an ideal choice for all dissertation writing needs.