How many pages is 1000 words

May 22, 2020

Essay tasks don’t usually provide the number of pages. Of course, it may be useful for students who manage a text by hand, print it, or are trying to measure the writing time. But the thing is, no one can say precisely how many pages is 1000 words. It depends on the handwriting style and lots of formatting elements.

How many pages are in 1000 words essay?

Each case requires a specific approach. Let’s take a brief look.

💻If using Word

Given the default settings, which are 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12pt font, and double line space, you can get about 4 pages for 1000 words. One sheet has from 250 to 350 words. The first is more preferable since the essay is usually stretched with headlines and paragraphs.

The further depends on your preferences. For example, 14pt is four pages, and 10pt is two. If you choose one space, you will write the text on 2 sides, and 1.5-space takes 3 sides accordingly.

📄 If writing on A4

Thousand words essay on A4 using double-space lined paper will take the same 4 pages. But take into account your style. If your handwriting is large and broad, pick more papers. If you have a tiny one, you possibly can put the essay in 2 pages.

How many notebook sheets 1000 words will take?

In the notebook, you manage the length by yourself. Just count how many you write on one sheet and divide numbers. For example, thousand divided by hundred will give ten essay pages.

Of course, it all depends on paragraphs, intervals, fonts, but using standard settings, you’ll get 4 pages for 1000 words. On average, such an essay takes 3-4 hours, which are a matter of focus and a tuned mood.

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