How Long Is a 200-Word Essay?

Aug 28, 2020

The length of an essay can tell you a lot about it – the amount of information to include in the content. Long essays require in-depth exploration of a topic, while short essays are reserved for surface-level discussions or reports.

When writing an essay, there are no strict limits on how to arrange your essay unless specified by the lecturer. Your focus should be on the word limit and getting your point across within the given word count.

While the idea of writing a 200-word essay may seem challenging due to its brevity, some students might find themselves overwhelmed with academic tasks or lack the time and expertise required to meet such specific requirements. In such cases, turning to a reputable paper writing company can be a practical solution. These companies often offer custom writing services tailored to various word count limitations, ensuring that the content is concise, well-structured, and on-topic. Students can collaborate with experienced writers who can help them craft a 200-word essay that meets their academic goals and standards. However, it is crucial for students to use these services responsibly and as a learning tool to enhance their own writing skills and understanding of the topic.

If you want to know how many pages or paragraphs you will need for your 200-word essay, you must consider the following first:

  1. The spacing. If you are using single spacing, then a 200-word essay will cover (50%) half of the page. But if the text is double-spaced, the essay will cover 75% of the page. Since you are following the standard style (12pt fonts and double-spacing), a 200-word essay will cover 75-85% of the page. 1.5 spacing will place the text just over half of the page.
  2. The content. When writing a report, it is advisable to split the text into paragraphs of 50 words (max). So, you should have around 4-5 paragraphs, including the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. On the other hand, an argumentative essay will have exactly five paragraphs, like the standard recommendations.

Why write a 200-word essay?

When you receive an assignment to write a 200-word essay on a topic, what often comes to mind is how can you express yourself within such a limited space. However, the entire point of such a short essay is brevity. No need to go into detail; you just need to discuss the basic facts or provide a concise account of an event.

In college, professors give out 200-word essays for the following reasons:

  • To narrate an experience
  • To provide an opinion on a topic
  • As a personal statement
  • To summarize a body of work

These are the very rare situations where you will be asked to write a short essay by a professor.

When writing a 200-word essay, you should also bear in mind that these recommendations are in line with both the MLA and APA writing guidelines. So, always keep your 200-word essay under five paragraphs and make sure it doesn’t exceed the first page. Keep your thoughts concise and straight to the point.