Is it correct to use a question as a title for the essay?

Aug 14, 2020


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Students are always confused about using questions as part of their titles. The short answer to your question is YES. But you have to note some important factors when writing a question title for an essay. 

While question titles effectively portray a message and narrow the scope for the reader, some problems are associated with using them. These suggestions will help you identify when a question is necessary and when it harms your essay.

Recommendations for writing question essay titles

You have to answer the following questions when choosing an appropriate essay title:

1️⃣ Does the question limit or specify the essay’s scope?

The essay’s title should be clear and exhaustive enough to provide the reader with enough information about the subject of discussion. Also, answering the question should give the reader the essay’s general direction. You can use the question as an attention grabber for your essay instead.

2️⃣ Is the question the right fit for my essay?

You need to remember that academic writing is not the same as creative writing, even though it borrows elements from it. Your essay should answer a question, not pose more. 
A narrative essay can be made more intriguing with a question title, while the reverse is the case for analytical essays.

3️⃣ Is the question mark really necessary?

Yes, the question mark must be present when you write a question title. Also, if the title contains the name of a work that includes a question mark, then you must add it.

Example A: Is The Catcher in the Rye a great book?
Example B: The Cultural Relevance of Are You My Mother?

Ultimately, the choice of the appropriate essay title is up to you. However, using a statement as a title is more effective in delivering your essay’s message. Use the question as a hook in your intro for more impact.

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