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Is it possible to do a 6-page essay in one day?

Sep 1, 2020


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Students love blitzing through essays on the last day. For some, it is the lack of time, while others just cherish the adrenaline rush. But it will surprise you what people can do when faced with a short deadline.

A 6-page essay is around 1600-1800 words, which is doable if you are absolutely focused on the task. However, a few factors might add to the total number of hours you will need to complete the essay.

Factors affecting writing speed

Several factors can affect your ability to complete a task within the specified deadline. Here are the most relevant:

1.Type of work

Narrative essays have a straightforward flow. You can complete it within a few hours with laser focus. On the other hand, argumentative essays and other forms of writing demand a more technical approach. You will spend time planning and researching and brainstorming ideas.

2. Experience 

A highly capable writer can complete this essay within 3 hours. But if you lack the required language or writing skills, you will spend more time.

3. Work environment

If you are dealing with distractions, your train of thought will be continuously disrupted, which will be reflected in your work quality.

In general, you can finish a 6-page essay within 12 hours, including breaks and stoppages. But you can also increase your writing speed and quality.

How to improve your writing output

If you are struggling to complete a 6-page essay within a day, your writing skills probably need a boost. This will also improve the content quality in your final draft. 

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Remove all possible distractions from your workspace before you start writing.
  2. Practice different skills (grammar, vocabulary, etc.)
  3. Create a plan or use essay writing outlines
  4. Find your perfect writing time.
  5. Split the essay into mini-tasks
  6. Start writing before the deadline.
  7. Take breaks between tasks.
  8. Eat well and drink enough water.

You can easily complete a 6-page essay within a day, irrespective of the amount of work required. All you need is to concentrate and create an outline. Take scheduled breaks to refresh your system. 

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