How to Enjoy a Stress-free Life in College

Aug 14, 2020

College life, as portrayed in the movies, is one heck of a ride filled with parties and fun adventures. But what they rarely show you is the stress-filled side of life on campus. In reality, every student needs to find a balance between these two parts of life. 

To be honest, you can never entirely get rid of stress, but there are ways to manage the impacts of these activities without burning out fast.

Effective methods of managing stress:

1.Manage your time effectively
Time is of the essence in anything you do. Your ability to manage the 24-hours in a day will determine your level of productivity. If you don’t have a time table or plan, your tasks will overwhelm you. Create a plan of action dedicated to all your activities and try to follow this plan strictly. A time-management app is always a useful option.

2. Exercise, rest and sleep regularly
Regular exercise keeps the muscles toned and prevents fatigue. If you are an athlete, you might not need to include extra activities to your routine. Also, you should dedicate enough time to rest and allow the body to recover. Sleeping at least 6 hours every day is essential for improving normal bodily function. Resist the urge to party every night. 

3. Eat healthy food
Pizza, burgers and other fast food are every student’s weakness because they are cheap and don’t take long to prepare. However, junk food takes a toll on your fitness levels in the long run. You can find several healthy food recipes to include in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are essential to keep your fitness level high. And drink more water, lots of it!

4. Break the monotony
Once you notice that your daily routine is bland, you need to incorporate fun activities to spice things up. Call your friends and hang out with them in the city. You can also take a day off to visit your parents. Just try to change the scenery for a bit to relieve the stress.

5. Seek help with your tasks
If you have stacks of undone paperwork driving you insane, you can always reach out to an expert for assistance. They will help you out with some of your assignments and put you back on track.

Ultimately, stress is inevitable but manageable. Create and follow a strict schedule for your activities. However, don’t let the monotony get the best of you. Spend some quality time with loved ones to change your scenery. Also, reduce your intake of junk food and take more healthy food. And when the workload becomes unbearable, seek professional assistance to boost your productivity level!


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