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5 Common Mistakes in Writing

Jun 12, 2020


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There are some elementary mistakes that even the most advanced writing tools cannot detect. Sometimes, these words might be correct in context but portray a different message than intended. Other times, these words have identical pronunciations (homophones), which makes it easy to confuse. 

Check out some of the sudden death mistakes in writing an essay in order to avoid them in the future.


Both words refer to the influence of an external factor on something or someone.
‘Affect’ is a verb, while ‘effect’ is a noun.

Example: “The adverse effects of global warming are indicative of how deforestation affects the climate.”

*Note that ‘effect’ can also be used as a verb, albeit in legal texts.

Example: “He will effect some significant reforms when he gets elected.”

✍️Its / it’s

This one of the common grammar mistakes in writing haunts even the best of writers.
‘It’s’ is a contraction of ‘it is’ or ‘it has’
‘Its’ signifies ownership (a possessive pronoun).

Example: “It’s amazing to plant a flower and monitor its growth.”

Avoid using contractions in your writing to eliminate this pitfall.

🔥Your / you’re

This mistake is also a consequence of using contractions. It is common for people who rely on autocorrect when typing.
Your is a possessive pronoun while you’re is a contraction of ‘you are’.

Example: “You’re my people, and I am your God.

🙌Loose / lose

These homophones drive me crazy whenever I am writing. And the similarity in spelling does not help matters. If you mistakenly miss an ‘o’, the sentence loses its meaning entirely.
Lose is a verb, while loose is an adjective.

Example: “We will lose the battle against this virus if young people are let loose.”

🖊️Run-on sentences

This type of sentence features two or more independent clauses in a sentence. The result of this negligence is a run-on sentence that is difficult to comprehend. These types of mechanical mistakes in writing are common in English.

Incorrect example: “My ball is in the house but I am tired from working all day.”
Correct example: “My ball is in the house, but I am tired from working all day.”

Other grammatical and spelling mistakes exist, but these are the top mistakes in essay writing. You can write sentences with more clarity if you note these biggest mistakes.

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