Examples of Good Titles for a College Essay

Aug 17, 2020


The first thing every reader pays attention to is your essay title. An engaging title can pique the reader’s interest, while a lackluster title sets a bad precedent. You need to write a good essay title that is relevant, creative, and believable.

When you order an essay from a professional writing service, you can also request a captivating and relevant title that aligns with your essay’s content and purpose. These services understand the importance of a well-crafted title in engaging readers and setting the right tone for your essay. They can provide you with an essay title that not only captures the essence of your paper but also adheres to modern writing standards, ensuring proper capitalization and formatting. This option can be especially useful when you’re seeking not only quality content but also a compelling presentation for your academic work.

How to Create Essay Titles

The title of an essay is similar to a book’s title. Let’s consider a book like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: this title not only catchy but also invokes curiosity. To create such catchy essay titles, you need to do the following:

Choose a relevant title

The title of your essay must reflect the essay’s overall direction. The reader should be able to understand the essay’s primary focus without reading the entire text.

Don’t overthink it

In an attempt to come up with the perfect essay, students often put themselves in a state of confusion. Write the first title that comes to mind and continue editing it later. If you can’t come up with any witty puns, keep it simple.

Rehash the essay hook

Essay hooks are essential when writing different types of essays. Look at song titles; they feature parts of the hooks or the most repeated phrases in the song. 

When the title of an essay is similar to the essay hook or thesis statement, it reinforces the assumption of the essay’s direction in the reader’s mind.

Note that when writing an argumentative essay, you need to use a neutral title that suggests the existence of multiple viewpoints. 

Use clear language

Avoid cliches and generalization when writing your essay title. Don’t write vague titles like “Effects of Climate Change”. Always specify the scope covered in the essay.

Example: “Effects of Climate Change on the Breeding Cycles of North Atlantic White Whales”

Do You Underline The Title Of An Essay?

According to modern writing standards, you don’t need to underline an essay title. The preferred option is to use the Title Case capitalization option. This method involves capitalizing the first letter of every word, excluding conjunctions, articles, and prepositions.

Example: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Ultimately, a good essay title should be creative and reflect the core concepts discussed in the paper. It should guide the reader to understanding the essay’s central focus. Spend time to come up with an impressive essay title that is free of vagueness and cliches.