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The reasons why you hate writing essays

Sep 30, 2020


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There could be hundreds of reasons why people hate writing essays. Just like for anything in our world there will be strong supporters and strong opponents. And this is normal, this is how diversity and evolution works, not all people are equal, they have different capabilities, their talents and characters are not the same as well. 

Essay writing is more about creativity than about strict, fact-based reporting or giving a straight answer to a question. However, creativity is not everybody’s merit. This is the first and perhaps the most widely spread reason why many people hate writing essays. Even though most essays have a fixed topic or a question to be answered, not always teachers and tutors expect you to answer this question/solve the problem (simply because it has been answered before you millions of times). Rather they want to see how you will go about answering this question, how you will approach the problem, how creative can you be in doing that. They want to see far beyond your academic grades and achievements. For some people, this approach is counterproductive or not in line with how their thinking and talents work. It might be a waste of time and effort for them. 

Even though essays are a reasonably short form of academic writing (they could be as short as 300-500 words), nevertheless they could appear as archaically long and complex for the new generation of students. Essay writing demands a structural approach (introduction, main body with thesis statement and arguments in support, conclusion), and often essential preparatory work. Whereas the modern-day social media (mostly used by the so-called generation Y/Millennials and Z) is in sharp contrast to that: there one can freely select the topic of their liking, one can be brief and informal when expressing their opinion and feelings. The effect of social media posting could be seen almost immediately, as compared to the long waiting time once your essay paper gets graded by a single teacher. Hence writing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is very different from academic essay writing.            

But even besides these so to say permanent, character-based or methodology and even technology-based reasons why many could hate writing essays, there may be also ‘now and here’ reasons.

  • Some may hate the topic of their essay. The topic (question, direction) is fixed and common for all, while students are all different, coming from different backgrounds. Put it simply- they may not have enough motivation, or not care about the topic.
  • Some may dislike their tutor or think that he/she will not read their creation and/or could not possibly appreciate it adequately due to perhaps some personal reasons.
  • Students may not be in their right mood to write an essay here and now (if they are asked to write it in class or take-home but with a very strict deadline). They may have nothing to say about the topic because they do not care enough.
  • Some may be experiencing their hard times, difficult moments in life, have other much more important immediate problems other than writing an essay here and now (and in a creative fashion!).

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