What are some tips for writing a 300-word essay?

Sep 21, 2020


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Essays may vary in length and may be as long as 5 pages and over 3000 words. Your requirement of 300 words is perhaps the shortest an essay could be. However, such a short length does not mean that you should not take this assignment seriously, after all – a short essay is still an essay, just like a small car (e.g., Smart) is still a car that can drive and costs as much as a big one. That is, a short essay would still carry the characteristics of a longer essay, in particular, a common structure (introduction, main body, and a form of conclusion) and a topic that you need to address. 

Here are some tips for writing specifically a 300 words essay

  • Tip #1. Do not underestimate your task for this sort of writing. Even though 300 words would typically fit into one page (A4 format with reasonable font size), you would still need to get your points right and clear, perhaps more clearly than ever, as you will have to make every word you write count. 
  • Tip #2. Prepare to make at least 3-5 paragraphs in your essay: one for introduction, 1-3 for the main body, and a closing paragraph. You do not want all of your 300 words to form a single and long paragraph. 
  • Tip #3. Avoid using too academic language and words-parasites, for example, like, maybe, sort of, kind of, you know, basically, and so on. Needless to say that they will take valuable space in your short essay that would otherwise be used to convey more meaning.
  • Tip #4. Similarly, you should limit the usage of transition expressions that are otherwise often recommended to use in essays when there is a need to connect ideas, to make them flow through paragraphs seamlessly. Examples of transition phrases are: accordingly, consequently, to illustrate, specifically, besides, additionally, etc.
  • Tip#5. Make sure you use the correct grammar and a language as in such short writing a single mistake will matter and could flip the overall impression from your essay, not in your favor. 
  • Tip #6. Do not start counting words from the very beginning. It is your story and ideas that count the most. Focusing too much on the technical nuances like word count limits might block your creativity. After all, nobody is going to take away points from your assignment score if the length of your writing would slightly exceed the limit.
  • Tip #7. In such a short writing piece it will not be a good idea to use citations either. Instead, pack that valuable limited space exclusively with your thoughts and original ideas.
  • Tip #8. Be creative and inspiring. It is hard to overestimate the value of creativity in a 300 words essay. Avoid well-known facts and clichés, because there is simply not enough room for them. Show the reader your original mindset and involvement in the topic.
  • Tip #9. Be honest and persuasive. Ask yourself when finished if you can stand behind the words you have put in writing. 

If you would follow these tips we promise your essay will be a success.  


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