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What Is the Best Way to Write a Personal Response Essay?

Aug 25, 2020


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A personal response essay is a piece of writing that features your thoughts on a given topic. Students are required to go through a written text to provide their arguments on an issue. So, a personal response essay can be considered a semi-formal form of academic writing.

On the surface, writing a personal response essay looks easy. After all, I own the thoughts, so what could be that difficult?

In reality, personal response essays are more than just an ‘I think’ essay because they require critical thinking skills and careful analysis of subjects. You have to recognize and curtail your emotions and provide evidence to support your stance. 

Most effective ways of providing personal responses

The first thing to note about a personal response essay is that you can use first-person pronouns. With this information in mind, you can go ahead with the research and writing.

1.Research the topic thoroughly

You can’t provide an informed opinion on a topic you know nothing about. Read the book or resource to familiarize yourself with the subject matter. Search for other reviews of the material online. 

You can always make notes or highlight key points in the text when reading. Also, you can write down important information (like quotations) verbatim during the brainstorming stage.

2. Create a plan

An essay outline will expedite the writing process by providing you with focal points. The outline will also give your paper a coherent structure as opposed to randomly stating your points. 

3. Write the actual response

This part requires your undivided attention more than any other thing. Use the generated outline as well as the acquired information to create a coherent response. Follow the standard essay arrangement to ensure that the paper flows smoothly from start to finish. Also, include transition phrases to establish a connection between paragraphs. And don’t forget to provide your opinions on the topic.

4. Review and edit

This is the final stage of writing a response essay. Go through the paper twice to make sure that your thoughts are expressed properly, and your paper is formatted using the correct style. Correct all mistakes and make adjustments where necessary. 

A personal response essay requires putting your best foot forward. You need to provide your perspective on the text without letting your bias affect your judgment. Spend time brainstorming ideas to help you develop a plan for your paper. Most importantly, write and edit the essay with maximum concentration.

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