Top 5 Amazing Facts About US Universities

Aug 25, 2020

Colleges in the US are not just popular globally but are also some of the best around. You probably know that drinking and partying are integral parts of campus life. Sororities and fraternities are also common knowledge. Therefore, this piece will inform you about some of the most surprising facts about universities in the United States of America.

Here they are:

🔥 They are the crème de la crème.

According to the QS world university rankings, 5 of the top-10 universities in the world are located in the United States, with four of them occupying the top-4. 

Here is an updated list as of August 2020:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (United States)
  2. Stanford University (United States)
  3. Harvard University (United States)
  4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (United States)
  5. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  6. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) (Switzerland)
  7. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  8. Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
  9. University of Chicago (United States)
  10. UCL (University College London (United Kingdom)
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☀️ Gender disparity in enrollment

There are more females than males enrolled in universities across the United States. The male population is close to 800 000 while there are 1.5 million females. However, this disbalance is not reflected in the STEM fields, which are dominated by males. On the other hand, the humanities are dominated by females. Although there is little concrete evidence as to why more girls are attending college than boys today, it is a welcome improvement as women are joining the workforce at a higher rate.

💥 Some courses are completely virtual

Most college students have to attend classes or combine regular classes with online learning. But some courses do not require the student to be physically present in the classroom, necessitating only online courses to obtain a degree in the discipline.

⭐ Most college campus support green energy

In some colleges, the campus provides its source of energy. A physics laboratory can create a solar-powered or biomass-enabled generator independent of the general power supply.  A great example is Furman University.

More so, the new shift to clean and renewable energy has also led to the encouragement of recycling as a means of reducing indiscriminate garbage disposal. 

✨These universities have insane traditions.

Campus life on American colleges is quite exciting and laden with years of history and traditions. 

For example:

  • Cornell University has a plantation for growing cannabis (weed) and other plants. That’s a proper institution of higher learning. :-))
  • The University of Chicago holds the world’s most massive scavenger hunt annually (since 1987).
  • At least one student or alumni of Stanford has won an Olympic medal since 1908!!

Universities in the United States are famous for reasons that go beyond their academic prowess. You will marvel at some of these hidden gems when you become a member of the college.