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What Is the Most Compact Formal Essay Font Style?

Aug 28, 2020


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Formal writing allows the use of any font that does not decrease the readability of the text. If the lecturer does not specify, you can use any font that suits you.

However, in cases where you have a limited space which you must fill with some text while retaining the legibility, you need to find a compact font.

The best compact fonts for essays

You must consider some factors when choosing a font.

1.Formatting recommendations

Both the MLA and APA formatting styles recommend the use of serif and sans serif fonts because they are legible and contain few ligatures (tails and connecting lines). 

Some of the standard fonts include Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Garamond. These fonts are universally available on iOS, Google, and Microsoft devices. So, you won’t experience any compatibility issues.

The recommended font size is 12-pt for the body and 14-pt for the title.

2. Contrasting obliques or true italics

Any font you use for formal essays should have true italics. Sans serif fonts don’t have true italics because they only slant to the right slightly. So, any text fragment you italicize will be difficult to discern, unlike with serif fonts.

3. Kerning

Kerning refers to the space between two characters. For example, the kerning on Garamond is smaller than that on Times New Roman. So, using Garamond instead of Times New Roman to write a 50+ page text saves you 2 pages of text!

It is also important to note that you should use the same font throughout your text. You can’t use Arial for the title and Century Gothic for the body paragraphs.

Ultimately, the most compact font to use in a formal essay is Garamond. It is readable at 10 and 12 points and contains true italics. Most importantly, it falls under the recommendations of official writing standards.

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