New Alternative Ways to Study: Kahoot and Quizlet

Dec 14, 2022


Studying tools undergo constant changes and evolution. These days, there are new and innovative ways and tools to study various subjects, which are available for today’s students and all those willing to acquire new knowledge. Such tools as Kahoot and Quizlet offer endless opportunities for education, irrespective of the student’s age. In other words, it is never too late to learn with Kahoot and Quizlet! Check out the best features of both tools in the material below.


Kahoot is an online service for creating interactive tasks. It allows you to create tests, polls, and quizzes. The platform can be used when working with any age category. It is good for both elementary school and adults.

How can you use Kahoot in training?

For a teacher, Kahoot is a construction platform where you can quickly create an educational game using ready-made templates and send this game to your students.

With Kahoot you can create:

  • Quiz. For instance: for each question, there are 4 possible answers, one of which is correct.
  • Test (True or False). Each question has 2 possible answers, one of which is correct.

Kahoot can be used for free, but a paid plan is also available, which includes: open-ended questions, surveys, and the like. However, the free version is enough to make any lesson interactive.

A teacher can create a quiz and send it as homework, or an analytical assignment, or use it while explaining new material during a lecture in order to keep students’ attention.

Kahoot for lectures and explanations in distance learning

During an online lesson, it is quite difficult to keep students’ attention while explaining the material. Therefore, you can try not just to talk about the topic with a presentation, but to prepare a Kahoot test and engage students with small pauses with interesting questions on the topic.

Students can take quizzes individually, or you can create competitions where participants receive points for the speed and correctness of answers. A little competition will always help make online sessions more interesting.

Creating tests with Kahoot

To create a new Kahoot test, it is better to think over its structure and answers right away. For the speed of this task, you can use photos and videos, or write formulas in questions. Test questions and answers in Kahoot can be written in any language.

Creation algorithm:

  • Click “Create”
  • In the new window, click “New Kahoot” to create your own quiz from scratch or choose one of the suggested templates.

By the way, Kahoot offers the following templates:

  • Teach with slides – only for users with a paid plan
  • Kahoot for regular assessment – Kahoot for testing knowledge. Available with a free version.
  • Practice spelling and adjectives with Puzzle – available with a paid plan.
  • Student selfie Kahoot – with which students can talk about themselves. Available with a free version.
  • Get to know your teacher – when the teacher can tell you about himself. Available with a free version.
  • Introduce new topics with a “Blind” Kahoot – to explain a new topic. Available with a free version.
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Quizlet is a cost-free online service for creating and storing flashcards and interactive games in various study subjects. In this service, one can practice learning in different modes:

  • “Cards” mode – card review mode (you can look at either the opposite sides of the card in a row or one of them; includes the function of listening to a word)
  • “Speller” mode: enter the ones you smell
  • “Learn” mode (two options: enter the translation of the word and listen to the meaning and write your own interpretation)
  • “Test” mode – creating tests on various topics
  • Game “Scatter” – scatter random terms on a white space and discuss with the group their meaning
  • “Race” mode – or “Space race” game (while the card is “flying” on the screen, you need to enter the word in the right line). A great mode for gamers and all those who enjoy interactive study tools.

Graphic function in Quizlet

The graphic function in Quizlet is our absolute favorite. The new Visual Aid Diagrams allow you to practice and master content from various academic disciplines. Although the text is traditionally the most popular method of teaching students across colleges, there is a great need for visual and interactive resources to help them better understand such subjects as biology, geography, and natural sciences.

Quizlet can have more than 200 million top lists for all disciplines, and the diagrams feature allows teachers and students to learn. The diagrams are simple to use. To create a new list of additional material, simply capture the image, for example, a map of Canada, and then introduce different terms and definitions, such as regions, climate, history, economy, and others. Students and contributors can create their own diagrams or search thousands of existing ones on Quizlet.


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