How Do You Write a Title for a Comparison Essay?

Aug 25, 2020

The title of an essay is important since it is like the ‘welcome’ mat on your porch. A well-arranged and clean doormat can tell you a lot about the house. On the other hand, a tattered doormat will create a negative precedent about the inhabitants of the house.

So, you must come up with a title that the reader will see and be interested in what you are presenting. For a comparison essay, the title has to suggest to the reader that you are comparing two related topics or items.

How to write a comparison essay

Writing a comparison requires some creativity and the ability to express yourself concisely. 

1.Keep the title informative

You can’t name your comparison essay “Dog vs. Cats”. You must spend time to think of your audience and the message to which they resonate. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. A better title might be “The Differences Between Cats and Dogs as Domesticated Animals.”

2. Keep it concise and specific

In the two examples mentioned above, you can see the scope of the essay. The first title is more generic, while the second is specific to a particular concept.

3. Be creative

Don’t use ‘compare’ or ‘vs.’ even though they are acceptable. They sound too ‘obvious’. A more creative title can even include a question or two sentences separated by a colon.

“Skill and Instrumentation in Modern Pop Music”

“Fishing and Hunting: Which is More Harmful to the Environment?”

4. Edit after completing the paper

Come back to the title after completing your paper. This will give you a fresh perspective and help you come up with a more relevant title.

Ultimately, your comparison essay title should contain important information regarding the subject of discussion. Be creative when naming the essay, but keep things concise. Edit the title after writing the essay to make it more captivating.


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