Is It Possible to Write an Essay in 12 Hours?

Apr 19, 2022


What is an essay?

The word “essay” is of French origin and translates as a sketch, outline, and trial. The genre is notable for its figurative speech, aphorisms, and the use of colloquial vocabulary. 

Since the 19th century, the essay style has been associated with the type of creative writing in which the personality of the author plays a key role. Simply put, in essay the author freely reflects on a given problem, situation, or event. Usually, when addressing a particular issue, an author needs to introduce something new, something that will interest the reader. 

Today, essays, as a testing instrument, are quite often implemented in high schools and colleges. By writing an essay, students try to make a positive difference, impress and influence their readers (typically the teacher). 

Therefore, the main features of the essay genre are: 

  • The use of a specific topic or problem that the author is going to touch upon in their work; 
  • The main thing that is reflected in an essay is the author’s position and worldview; 
  • Analysis and arguments, supported by facts. 

An essay develops in young students not only creativity, but also allows them to master their writing skills, helps to learn how to competently and clearly formulate thoughts, and to express them concisely.

Is it possible to write an essay in 12 hours?

To write an essay, one needs to possess good writing skills. It is also true that the more essays one writes, the more skillful in essay writing they get. In this sense, essay writing is similar to many other creative and intellectual activities.

For a simple high school essay, which is typically 1-2 pages in length, it doesn’t take much skill and experience to write a good paper. Usually, high school students write essays during classes (within one hour!) or as a take-home assignment. In either case, it doesn’t take them longer than one day, or 12 hours, to write an essay.

However, things get trickier with more complex essays. In college or university, students are required to write longer essays, sometimes 5-7 pages long, and are expected to demonstrate more thorough analysis and deeper reasoning. Under these circumstances, writing an essay assignment within 12 hours becomes a difficult task and sometimes a true challenge. 

Find out how

Would you like an essay written for you from scratch?

Many students learn to write even complex and lengthy essays within one day, however, others prefer to buy essays from professional writing agencies. There are hundreds if not more such services online and most of them offer decent quality and affordable prices. They hire experienced writers, capable of speedy writing – if needed, they can write an essay within 3-4 hours. Pay attention, that the shorter the completion deadline, the higher the essay price.

How to write faster – practical tips

To learn to write an essay faster, in particular within 12 hours, follow these simple, yet effective tips:

  • Make an outline. Writing will become easier if you allocate some time for planning and writing an outline of your essay. A simple sketch of what you are going to write in the introduction, in the main body, and in the conclusion, will streamline and speed up your writing.
  • Find a comfortable place and posture. Writing in an environment free from interference, other people talking to you, background noises, smartphones, and PCs – is a huge aid to the speed of your writing. Likewise, a comfortable posture (either sitting on a chair or a sofa) will help you feel better and work for longer.
  • Start writing with the things you know very well. You cannot get everything in order in your head at once. Don’t get distracted by the fact that you don’t yet see the overall essay content in your head. Instead, start incrementally, adding thought by thought, and you will find writing much easier and faster!
  • Plan editing and proofreading in advance. Don’t try to correct every grammar mistake and make every sentence perfect at once. It is OK to leave out minor errors and imperfections, just to come back to them later once the first draft of your essay is ready.  




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