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How to Start Blogging When You are Unknown

Apr 24, 2019


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First, let’s talk about the benefits (obvious and implicit) of working on your own blog. And “working” is the correct word in this case. Because if you want to become popular in a certain field you’ll need to make a lot of efforts. For the first time, it can be tough because may seem like you don’t get any feedback. But that’s not right. With every post, you’ll become more and proficient, and get your dedicated followers.

So what are the unobvious reasons to start a blog?

  • Blog boost your understanding of the subject. A blog can really structure your thinking. Often, your thoughts, even if you use mind maps, can be hard to organize. When you’re daily routine include writing, you learn to get your mind flow in order, structure ideas for the best perception and create a content plan.

Step by step, this way of thinking will come in handy you in real life, not only your blog. It helps to write good letters and understand tasks, helps to write good text or code, helps to create a good design. It corrects the chaotic way of thinking into a direct, understandable and interesting material for the other people.

  • Blog saves time. In order not to explain twice, just send the link to the article. Because of useful posts, people trust the author more. Articles on professional topics certainly raise your prestige in the eyes of colleagues and potential customers.

  • A professional blog is way much valuable than any resume. Moreover, a blog is the best resume in the world. After all, a resume is just a piece of paper, one among thousands of the similar. But a blog forms a community of people by interest. When they need a design, code or text, they are more likely to turn to someone who they know and trust as a specialist.

So after some time, you wouldn’t need to look for a job, it will find you itself. The readers will turn to you and clients will come on the recommendation of your followers. This is an essential auxiliary benefit of blogging. A blog is a necessary part of your professional marketing.

  • A blog is a personal project. It is useful to see the blog as your small media, where you are an author, photojournalist, illustrator, and editor-in-chief. With every post, by the reaction of the audience, you can immediately see if the post is not perfect, understand the reasons, and fix mistakes. If you try to create blog posts of a good quality every time, you’ll practice your skills and it will help you improve your actual work.

A blog can say a lot about a person (just like your shoes, yeah). What topics they are interested in, what tone of voice they use, what conclusions they make out of information?

Find out how

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Every author has demons that can distract or lead to a writer’s block:

  1. Is it written poorly? For a writer, it is familiar to think that their material is clumsy, silly or poorly structured. In this case, it is better to leave the text at least for a day and don’t think about it for some time. When you will return to it, you’ll either understand that everything’s fine either will clearly see what you need to edit. The fresh look at the material always helps. You can also ask a friend or colleague to read it. But you don’t always have someone to ask for an assistance. That is why it’s better to leave some time before publishing the post.

  2. Does it appropriately represent the subject? Sometimes it seems that a single thought is terrible. It is necessary to cite a couple of quotes and references, see what people write about it in literature, maybe ask for the expert’s opinion. Here is easy to dive in too deep in the research. As a result, a simple post in a blog can turn into a giant Wikipedia article that only a graduate student in giant glasses would read. Set time limit for one article and try to follow it.

  3. It’s not interesting! There are a lot of people who are afraid of their audience. But you need to write about what is interesting to you in the first place. Only things you are passionate about will sound convenient to your audience.

  4. Many people already did write about this subject. We tend to consider our knowledge is generally obvious. This often leads to self-censorship. When you decide that this conclusion is obvious the humanity loses another dose of worldly wisdom. If you can’t quote or give a link to a similar concept, then write about it without a doubt.

What can help you to make a successful blog

The lack of competitors. Write on topics that don’t make a lot of buzz on the internet. Another option is to use your ability to quickly stand out with high-quality content on trending topics.

All posts must be written from the first person. It is always more engaging to read and communicate with a real person, not a corporation even if it represented by a good specialist.

Topics must be original. Everyone loves reviews, top 10 or top 20 (for example, advertisers on the Internet for the last six months), videos, expert opinions on the latest media events. The trick here is to provide your readers with authentic content. Even if you’re crafting top-10-something spice it up with your personal opinion.

Headings must be provocative and contain cognitive dissonance. According to statistics, in 85% of cases, people read only the headline of the post. If everything is clearly understood from the headline, then why read the whole article? But there’s a chance to make a clickbait title which is even worse than putting the whole plot of the article in the heading.

Many people love to watch more than read, so some information is better to be served to the reader in the form of presentations, infographics, screenshots, etc.

Help others create their own blogs. They will pay you back with promotions, guest posts, or any other PR actions. You will be an authority for their readers, they will set a mutual link on your blog, repost your article, and recommend their followers to read your blog.

Agree to train people and give lectures. That is the additional information can attract new followers to your blog. And of course, you’ll be represented as an expert in your field.

  • Remember that content is 60% of success
  • Usability is the remaining 40%
  • Structuring, formatting, visual content is vital

Professional ethics. It’s better not to mention your former workplaces, agencies, clients, brands, colleagues in a negative context. This is another unspoken rule and may be the most important thing for a personal blog. It’s easier to get the attention by spreading rumors but it will not bring a positive outcome, neither to you as a professional, nor to your career.

So, your personal blog is the reflection of your better version, the professional that you want to be in the nearest future. And it is your best way to improve yourself to become one.

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