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How to Enrich Your Daily Vocabulary

Jan 18, 2023


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The ability to speak beautifully and correctly has always been held in high esteem. After all, it’s wonderful – when words flow like water, attracting attention and causing genuine interest and even admiration in the reader or listener. 

However, quite often this river rather resembles a small stream – this happens when a person’s vocabulary does not allow him to clearly and adequately express thoughts, opinions, or attitudes to something, explain a point of view, convey the meaning, etc. But the good news is that a person can quickly correct this state of affairs by regularly replenishing their “repository” of words.

Learn how to enrich your daily vocabulary with the help of a few easy-to-follow techniques. 

Watch videos

Various video materials have a huge potential in terms of vocabulary. This includes all kinds of educational TV shows, quizzes, useful talk shows, intellectual games, video seminars, training courses, documentaries, and, of course, interesting films. Besides enriching your daily vocabulary, you will also be having a great time! And what could be better than a combination of pleasant and useful in one action? But remember that it is important to be able to distinguish between worthwhile and unworthy materials, especially on TV, because their programs are full of “garbage”.

Read more books

This technique is perhaps the most important and most effective. Books are not only a source of new knowledge and interesting information, but also a collection of all kinds of words that were previously unfamiliar to you. When you read a book, you will always come across new words. This is especially true for specialized and thematic literature. 

Though, simply reading may not be enough – new words must also be memorized. If a new word is used several times in the text, memorization can occur automatically. But if it occurs only once, write it down somewhere. In general, having a notebook of new words is very useful, because it can be regularly replenished and re-read from time to time. When reading books, try to always have this notebook with you. As for the books themselves, get in the good habit of buying a new book at least once every two months and reading for at least an hour a day.

Listen to audio

Audio materials are no less valuable than video. The greatest demand today is for audio training, audio seminars, audio lessons, and audiobooks. You just need to find what interests you and download it to your player, tablet, or phone. Some electronic “readers” also support the function of playing audio files. The benefit of such a source of information is obvious: you listen to what you enjoy, and at the same time enrich your daily vocabulary. It is very convenient to use audio materials while commuting, traveling, on the way to work, etc. It turns out that any free minute can be spent with benefits.

Use encyclopedias and dictionaries

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are a real storehouse of new words. But studying them just like that, reading like a book, can be quite boring. So it’s best to just have some of it available all the time, like on your desktop or on a bookshelf. Heard a new word but don’t know what it exactly means? Open a dictionary and look up the meaning. Learned about some interesting fact or phenomenon? The encyclopedia will answer your questions. By the way, there are many different encyclopedias today. There are even a special series of encyclopedias, each of which is devoted to a separate topic: space, wildlife, plants, people, physics, travel, etc.

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Connect with people

An excellent source of new information is communication. By talking with different people, you can, firstly, learn what you did not know before, and secondly, hear new words and terms. In particular, this applies to communication with intelligent people. It has been noted more than once that a person’s communication with those who are on a higher level in some way (financial, intellectual, spiritual) also raises the level of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for interaction with those who are superior to you: they know more, know how to do what you do not know, have a more flexible mind, and have more experience, etc. Over time, you will begin to notice that your communication and the level of your knowledge, including daily vocabulary, have improved significantly.

Be curious!

And the last technique – be curious about everything, always and everywhere. Strive to gain new knowledge, and learn new information about everything meaningful and worthy to you. Interesting facts, phenomena, historical events and personalities, incredible discoveries and achievements of science – all this should certainly arouse your interest. The more you are hungry for new knowledge, the more you will know. And in direct proportion to the increase in the volume of your knowledge, your daily vocabulary will also increase, and you will also be perceived by others as an interesting person who can easily support any conversation.

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