Second Education – Why People Need to Write Essays While They Work

Feb 8, 2022


Why do people get a second education?

Many people are not satisfied with the work they do according to their education: some lack money, some have lost motivation, while others just urgently need to completely change everything in life. And someone has found a good job, seemingly in line with their educational background, but they feel themselves under-qualified compared to their younger and more energetic colleagues. As a rule, people pursue a second education if they radically change their field of activity and they need fundamentally new knowledge in this field.

Lately, the pace of life itself forces people of various ages to seek second education. As the new ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) radically transform every profession on the job market, workers and their employers start to feel an acute shortage of new knowledge and skills. It becomes a matter of survival – either you will seek and obtain new knowledge and skills or end up unemployed and left without money. The best-case scenario is when someone is working and studying at the same time to prevent being laid off first. 

This is why people work and write essays at the same time. The ability to never stop learning is the key in the modern business world. No one is safe in their profession anymore; change and transformation can happen anytime and make their job obsolete. 

What are they majoring in?

Basically, they enroll in courses that are most valued in the labor market: economics, finance, management, marketing, administration, law, foreign languages, information technology (in this case, specialists in both software and hardware are in demand). Recently, there has been an increased interest in a second education in the fields of sociology, statistics, mathematics, psychology, tourism industry, advertising, design, ecology, and biotechnology. The global production growth has also caused a revival in the engineering market.

Are there any age restrictions?

In the overwhelming majority of educational institutions, there are no age restrictions for applicants. It’s never too late to learn. Nevertheless, some universities establish an upper age limit (most often 40-50 years old), so be aware to check the application policy before submitting your documents.

How long will it take to study?

If the content of academic disciplines of the first and the second education is fundamentally different, the study period can be up to five years. The decision to shorten this period is taken by the academic board in each specific case and depends on the exact list of disciplines and their volume, which the person took before. Usually, it is possible to obtain a second education within two to three years. In some colleges, you can get a second education in less than two years.

Is it difficult to apply for a second education?

As a rule (there are exceptions!), the admission procedure is limited to the provision of a diploma of first education and an interview or exam in a major subject. For enrollment, it is necessary to submit to the admission committee an application for admission, an ID (such as a passport), sometimes a copy of a marriage certificate, and a photo in 3×4 size.

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Is the first education degree important?

The degree or specialization noted in the first diploma does not matter, although specialists in related fields normally have an advantage.

What is the form of education?

Usually, one of the following forms is used: evening courses, part-time courses, classes on weekends, distance (online) learning. Some colleges practice a modular system: classes are taught in intensive blocks twice a year (in fall and spring) for two weeks in the daytime with a complete break from work.

Is it possible to get a second education without completing the first one?

In some colleges and universities, not only bachelors or masters but also people with incomplete education can be accepted into the program of second education. In some places, there is a possibility of so-called parallel education: for third-fourth-year students of other colleges or faculties.


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