College Essay Writing: Why Education Is Failing Modern World Challenges

Aug 11, 2021


What Is Wrong With Today’s Education System?

Today’s education system is perhaps the best there ever was. It is working like a good Swiss clock mechanism – the processes are fine-tuned to teach the current students state-of-the-art knowledge, all the elements are synched and serve the common goal of high-quality education. 

However, it is all looking so bright if judged by the 20th century’s norms and expectations. The biggest problem with today’s education system is that it has not sustained any principal changes for centuries, even for millennia! A thousand years ago a teacher used to stay in front of a huge audience and give a lecture. Students would passively listen and make notes. There was not much room for customization and certainly no possibility to consider each individual student’s needs. 

What do we see today? Professors are still giving lectures in front of large audiences. Students listen and take notes. There are very limited possibilities to customize the studying process according to one’s needs. Basically, nothing has radically changed!

However, life does not stay still. Everything is changing rapidly, including communication, rate of technological development, work, and even social relations. All the processes become agile, interactive, engaging, and personalized. The change is the only thing that is constant today. And the speed of change is also increasing!

The technical information a freshman gets in classes often becomes outdated by the time he graduates. In business, there is a shortage of ICT (Information & Communication technologies) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills and academia looks helpless to address this challenge.

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What Are The Solutions to The Above Problems?

  • More interactivity and freedom. To keep up with the modern pace of life and with how today’s youth communicates and socializes, academic institutions should emphasize online education, implement personalized approaches and shorten studying cycles. Students need to be given more freedom to select their preferred classes and pace of learning. Some may prefer to study faster, others slower, some may enjoy math and hate writing – everybody is different and deserves individualized solutions to perform at peak potential.  
  • Play for knowledge. Gamification of education is a very popular concept today. The young generation is used to playing computer games, they grow with smartphones and perceive the world differently, taking many things easier. Certain integration of gaming elements into educating programs would only benefit today’s students. Just imagine – in order to obtain a degree in math (to pass an exam, etc.) you need to complete a certain number of relevant levels in a game with integrated math elements…    
  • On-the-job training. Combining education with work experience is yet another popular technique already used in modern colleges. It is similar to obtaining an MBA degree, where one needs to have a certain level of work experience to enroll in an academic program, whereas here one needs to strengthen his theoretical knowledge in a relevant job position.
  • Education as a subscription. Life-long learning is a new popular concept today. In order to stay competitive in the modern world, we need to learn how to study all our life.  Education as a subscription does not end after 4 or 5 years of college. On the contrary, after admission to Cambridge, or MIT, you become their life-long student and never stop learning. 

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