Using Visual Rhetoric in Academic Writing

Dec 19, 2022


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The scope of visual rhetoric in academic writing

Visual products such as videos and pictures tend to provide a point of view or emotion that is evoked in the viewer and affects the viewer’s understanding of the piece. This means that visual rhetoric is how a picture’s features tend to persuade the viewer to understand the underlying message. Therefore, the features of a visual element are placed purposefully to entice the viewer. For example, in an advertisement for food, marketers tend to place large pictures of the product, which captivates the customer’s attention. According to the video, the visual elements that persuade the viewer to think and act in a certain way include the color of the text, the arrangement of the pictures, videos, and the text’s font choice in the visual product. According to the example provided by the narrator, positioning the picture and text in a burger advertisement is the main factor influencing customer persuasion. By positioning the burger picture on the top of the flyer, the viewer will be persuaded by the burger first before reading the ingredients that make up the burger.

There are different forms in which visual elements can be presented differently to produce better results in terms of persuasion of the viewer. The first form ensures that the critical feature of the message, such as a picture, tends to take a large part of the printed message. For a burger advert to be effective, for instance, the messaging must use a prominent photo of the burger that is immediately noticeable. Second, the intended message needs to be memorable yet succinct so that the reader is engaged while not being put off by the length of the advertisement. The application of visual rhetoric on visual products should consider the application of ethos, pathos, and logos approaches. This means that the visual product should be ethically structured to appeal to society without withholding the rights of other individuals or competitor brands in the case of marketing. Furthermore, the visual product should capture the exact message to be relayed to avoid misunderstanding by the viewer.. In conclusion, the application of visual rhetoric in academic writing ensures that the student captures the important visual aspects of writing, such as the font, font sizes, and spacing which not only indicates that the student understands the rules of academic writing but also ensures that the student is award good marks by the professor who is considered to be the viewer in this case. 


OWLPurdue. “Purdue OWL: Visual Rhetoric.” YouTube Video. YouTube, January 1, 2013.

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