Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Oct 21, 2022


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Part 1

Successful business and industrial operations require regular assessments of individuals, work groups, and administrative dynamics that affect workplace operations. Applying industrial and organizational psychology in basic business operations improves the quantity and quality of products and services provided by various organizations across America and the world. One of the main organizations that help promote industrial and organizational psychology is The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). The main duty of this professional organization is to provide scientific, practicable, and teachable working strategies that incorporate organizational psychology in daily organizational practices. According to an organizational article released in 2018 by Author India Worthy, it is evident that SIOP psychologists attend to various workplace trends in which organizational psychology is crucial for success. The workplace trend I found interesting was how SIOP professionals help achieve leadership development and improvement. According to India Worthy (2018), “Organizations may start identifying and cultivating leadership skills. Tomorrow’s leaders must give employees more autonomy, mentor senior/middle management through blended learning, train individuals to adapt to a changing world, and use digital platforms to manage their and their colleagues’ development.” (Worthy, 2018) I found this trend interesting as leadership is the core factor that determines the success of any company. Through leadership development initiatives, SIOP professionals can introduce formal programs incorporated to ensure quality leadership performance across global organizations.

Leadership development initiatives are important to the organization and business leaders as they provide competency frameworks that provide a checklist for quality leadership development and improvement. It is important to note that when deciding upon the leadership development initiatives to be used, SIOP professionals have to understand the relevant skills and abilities that are useful in the success of business operations. Leadership development and improvement provide various changes and improvements essential to organizational structures. Leader identity is a major aspect that is influenced by organizational and industrial psychology. How leaders perceive themselves is important as it helps the leaders develop and shape into different identities that attain the stipulated organizational goals. Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity programs are crucial in leadership development and improvement (Rebar, 2019). SIOP programs are also important as they introduce individual skill development programs that help build the leader’s personality and values as directed by the organizational regulations. Psychologists apply psychological strategies such as 360-degree feedback assessments, which provide relevant information on the leader’s skills and abilities from which SIOP coaches determine the areas of improvement that can be applied to the leader. Newly appointed leaders tend to undergo socialization programs that help them orient themselves to organizational goals through proper cooperation with fellow leaders and workers (Rebar, 2019). Organizational and industrial psychology provides structures and programs that can be followed by organizations not only in improvement of leadership development but also in identifying and analyzing workplace issues such as selection, training, performance management, organizational development, and talent management which are critical to the relevance of most business organizations across the globe.

Organizations need to conduct regular analyses on business operations through SIOP stipulated strategies which will provide relevant information useful in leadership development and improvement. Real success tools for the initial turn of events can be found through structured preparation programs and hands-on learning programs. However, there is some disagreement about which method is best. Setting long-term development goals can help an organization get more out of any approach it chooses by coordinating practices that deal with power in hierarchical organizations. Examining the effectiveness of advancement programs, giving insightful, practical, and task-focused feedback, and watching how other association members react to pioneers can give urgent information about inventors’ delayed development and should be a key part of any administration improvement drive. To get the most out of this long-term, hard-working investment, SIOP psychologists should know how important it is to ensure their leaders can take part in training exercises and that they are right for their skills.

Part 2

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are among the most important and difficult issues affecting organizational and industrial psychology in many organizations worldwide. In her June 2022 research article, Jenny Baker talks about five ideas from business leaders from different backgrounds that can be used to help Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts in the field of industrial and organizational psychology (Baker, 2022). Neurodiversity in organizational strategies is one of the most important parts of diversity and inclusion. Tracy Powell is a woman leader diagnosed with autism early on in her career. She thinks that corporate conferences should consider people with autism by ensuring the screens and lighting are easy on the eyes. Tracy says that the best way to make a neuro-inclusive event is for the planners to hire people with neurological diseases like autism (Baker, 2022). This will make sure that these people are included in the planning of corporate events and workplaces.

On the other hand, Lars Johnson says that for diversity, inclusion, and equality programs to work, organizations need to focus on programs that help employees understand the internal business environment (Baker, 2022). This helps the organization’s operations align with the goals of the industry. This can be done by making it clear where the sameness and sameness of business operations meet. In the end, the article mostly says that industrial and organizational professionals should do a lot of research on how to make changes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which is likely to lead to big changes in how global organizations are led and run. 


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Rebar, J. (2019, January 9). It’s the Same, Only Different. SIOP; Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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