Racial Injustices Today and My Contribution Toward a Solution

Dec 19, 2022


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Racial discrimination refers to bias against individuals based on their ethnic origin and skin color. It can occur in different forms, including refusing to socialize, trade, share resources, and assist people with specific physical characteristics and cultural backgrounds. Racial inequality occurs when a group blocks equality strategies of sharing resources, opportunities, and power across racial lines. Racism occurs everywhere, including shops, workplaces, public transport, schools, sporting events, and neighborhoods. Most racial slurs have been expressed through media and social networks. It can happen when media personalities represent a specific group in a negative light and lack cultural diversity in media houses.

Racial discrimination and abuse, whether expressed online or through social systems, is offensive and significantly impacts the victims. An increase in racial/ethnic-based discrimination, especially via inflammatory memes, social media comments, hateful videos, and racial-based cyberbullying, has plagued the lives of millions of people across the world (AHRC, 1). Many people have had horrifying experiences and even died due to racial discrimination, with the recent case of George Floyd raising the alarm on the continuity of the problem despite efforts to end the injustices. Racial injustices occur anytime an individual is denied social resources due to their skin color or cultural background. Racism has resulted in disparities in accessing resources, healthcare, health insurance coverage, transport services, housing, and income (Baker, 1). In addition, increased hate has increased mental distress among people from minority communities.

Promoting equality and fighting ingrained systematic biases within our societies requires individual and collaborative efforts. Governments, organizations, and public advocates have instituted measures to fight racial discrimination in our healthcare systems, education, public places, and institutions. I can contribute towards solving this social injustice by identifying and challenging stereotypes, promoting policies that allow equal opportunities and sharing of resources, learning to recognize and understand my own privilege, and raising awareness through education. I intend to use social media platforms for good such as amplifying the voices of minority communities (Stamp, 1). I intend to be a good role model and teach children to avoid bias. Finally, I plan to work towards policy change to ensure equal opportunities, such as employment and education.

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